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/Access public apigateway API via VPC endpoint/

Access public apigateway API via VPC endpoint


Is it possible to connect a private (within vpc) lambda to a public api via vpc endpoint ?

Currently I am getting 403 forbidden error. I understand that by disabling private DNS option of vpc endpoint I can make lambda go through internet and connect to the public api. But I want to pass the traffic through the vpc endpoint without going to the internet.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks

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answered 12 days ago
  • Thanks, yes indeed. The link above states "VPC endpoints can route traffic only to private APIs" so I guess it is not possible.


Just to clarify one point: Traffic between your VPC and public services in AWS does not traverse the internet. Yes, there are public IP addresses involved but all traffic stays on the Amazon backbone network. Using public IP addressing does not mean that traffic is over the public Internet.

This is stated in the VPC FAQ - look for "Does traffic go over the internet".

answered 11 days ago
  • Yes, of course it does not go over the big/wide internet to reach the destination, but gets routed to the AWS public services via the shortest/fastest path (in this case via the Amazon backbone network). What I meant is that it needs some IP translation (NAT gateway) and does not flow only within the private network.

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