Subnet's elastic IP address not working in us-east-1


When creating the Transfer Family server for us-east-1, the elastic IP address can't be assigned to the subnet created when access is set to "Internet Facing". It's completely greyed out. However, when creating the VPC, the subnet and its components were created together automatically. The AZs were set and it is connected to a public network gateway. The elastic IP address has the type "Public IP".

What's weirder is that I've used the same method to create a server in both us-east-2 and us-west-1 successfully. What else should I be checking?

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Judging from what you wrote up here, it seems that you are capable of troubleshooting yourself already.

So I actually suspect it might be an internal bug that you might want to report to AWS?

Or maybe you can check if a chosen subnet is indeed a public subnet?

(It has Internet Gateway and route configured for it)

answered 4 months ago

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