Cognito Analytics with Pinpoint?



Is it possible to get baseline analytics with Cognito and Pinpoint for a website using Cognito?

The above reads like it should, but I was just told by an Amazon chat support gentleman that sorry the reason I don't have data is it only works for Mobile Apps or Amplify SDK.

Am I really not able to obtain sign up counts, and login numbers?

We are using C#/.NET SDK and a couple of our Lambda Triggers use the JS SDK.

Any help is appreciated

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1 Answer

I spoke with Amazon/AWS Support, and though not clear in the documentation, Cognito Analytics with Pinpoint will only auto start working if you are using the iOS/Android SDK or JS SDK.

If you are using C# / Java, you need to wire up the Amazon Pinpoint Project Id to:

Passing that value to certain methods in my sign up with the C# SDK, did get data to begin appearing.

I hope this helps someone!

answered 3 years ago

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