RDS Aurora compute db instance type not available


I am using RDS Aurora t3.medium DB instance type in ohio region. we observed there is high CPU usages on mine RDS so we want to inscreased the instance type according to CPU like 4vCPU and 8 GB RAM but found out that RDS doesn't provide compute instance type like it is available in EC2 due to that i am forced to go for high cost db instance type r6g.xlarge. Why AWS is not providing the db instance type in compute section like other provider provide.

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Have you tested the t3.large or t4g.large? Higher memory and better network bandwidth on those instances can already be beneficial to the performance even with the same vcpu count that t3.medium.

Database workloads are responding pretty well to the memory increases most of the times.

answered 2 months ago
  • No, but Mine t3.medium CPU usges was around 90-95% taking that into consideration only we thought of 4v CPU instead of upgrading to t3.large or t4g.large.

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