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Hibernation not working as expected


I have an AWS instance that is correctly set up for hibernation and seemingly hibernation works (it takes much longer to hibernate than to stop and starting from a hibernated state is almost instant). However none of the running services are resumed after resuming hibernation. I have tmux with jupyter and a few other things working, when restarting from a hibernated state they're all terminated. Is there anything we're missing about how hibernation works?

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1 Answer

Two things of note:

First, processes can receive a signal that tells them that the system is going into hibernation. How they react to that is up to them but one possible action is that they terminate.

Second, network connections will most likely be broken when a hibernating instance is resumed because the remote end has timed out and not received any keepalives from the instance. This is probably going to be true for local processes that are communicating with each other via the network (even though the connections are internal) - the kernel will (again, probably) drop them due to timeout. This could cause the symptoms you're seeing.

I'm not sure this is a great answer but it's a possibility.

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answered 7 months ago

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