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Hi , I have created a Terraform scripts for Amazon connect instance like Hour of operation, Queues, Routing Profile etc. . However there are some dependencies like hour of operation dependent on queue etc . My question is do we need to run scripts on sequence wise like hour of operation run first then run queue. Do we need to run as sequential or we can run in one go with some options like depends_on etc. Please Suggest.

Regards Jo

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Accepted Answer

In Terraform, most resource dependencies are handled automatically. It analyses expressions within a resource block to find references to other objects, and treats those references as implicit ordering requirements when creating, updating, or destroying resources.

However, there are some resources that have hidden dependencies and must be explicitly defined by using depends_on.

More information from this document:

I've seen a few IaC documentations that mention if you need to explicitly define the dependency but sometimes it doesn't. One way to find out is to test your configuration.

answered 3 months ago

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