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I have multiple users that interact with the Amazon Translate API. I wonder if there's a way to know how many characters or how much money each user has requested or spent.

I have tried CloudWatch, but I can only see TranslateText (global) usage and EstimatedCharges (per account, not per user). I'm looking for information about batch jobs too. And not estimated but real costs.

My plan is to save this information on my code but I'd like to make sure there's no way to obtain it using some AWS service.

Thank you so much


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Hi David,
Today, when you make a call to Amazon Translate, there is no option for you to specify which user is making the call. Hence, all the calls made under a specific account gets aggregated. We, currently, don't have a means to track Amazon Translate usage by user.

Amazon Translate Team

answered a year ago

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