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Hello Helpful Stranger,
I've set up the account-level suppression list for our SES account, but in my testing it appears that after an email is added to the suppression list and future emails are sent to that address they are counted as bounces. This seems to be in contradiction to AWS documentation here: that says "Customers can use this feature to protect their sender reputations and to improve the delivery rates for their messages."

So my question is, if we have the account-level suppression list turned on does that mean our bounce rate will be protected against repeat sending of emails to invalid addresses? Or is the only way to protect your bounce rate/reputation by not sending a request to SES to send to an invalid address. Thanks for any help.

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Hi werbeckes,

If you attempt to send an email to an address that's on the global suppression list, Amazon SES counts that email when it calculates the bounce rate for your account. However, if you attempt to send a message to an address on the account-level suppression list, Amazon SES doesn't count that email toward the bounce rate for your account.

Bounces against either of these lists are counted toward your daily sending limit.

We'll update the documentation early next week to include this information.

Hope that helps!

Brent @ AWS

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  • Hi Werbeckes,

    May i know the exact retention period for the global-suppression list and account-level-suppression list ?


Hi werbeckes

It depends on the reason for the email being added to the suppression list. If it was added to the account-level suppression list due to a hard bounce or complaint, it will also be added to the global suppression list and therefore count to your bounce rate and impact on your SES reputation. I therefore take the protection of the sender reputation mention in the post as the reputation as recorded by the email provider of the recipient, rather than the reputation shown in SES.

How long the email address stays on the global suppression list is dependent on if it has recently been on the list. It can be on the list for up to 14 days.

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