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Upsert into MySQL target using AWS Glue


Is there a provision to upsert into MySQL database?

Below post on related topic mentioned an "Upsert box" in Glue Studio, which I am not able to find -


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Hi There

Upsert is available for Redshift targets not MySQL

You will need to have custom logic to do other operations besides Inserts. Check out this article for one way of doing updates on MySQL using pymysql.

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answered 7 days ago
reviewed 6 days ago
  • Hi Matt. I tried the solution proposed in the article. However, it looks like the job is timing out on below line - connection = glue_client.get_connection(Name="<My Connection>")

    I do not see any exception in the logs.

    The same connection worked when I used it in another job for insert-only, created from Visual editor. Also, test connection works fine.

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