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Will AWS ever prevent sending of email from BYOIP IPs?


I know a process exists to allowlist non-BYOIP EIPs for email sending from EC2, and the BYOIP VPC FAQ says:

IP Reputation: Many customers consider the reputation of their IP addresses to be a strategic asset and want to use those IPs on AWS with their resources. For example, customers who maintain services such as outbound e-mail MTA and have high reputation IPs, can now bring over their IP space and successfully maintain their existing sending success rate.

However, a customer asks if AWS will ever intervene or block email delivery if e.g. bounce rate or complaints occur for their own IPs. Is it safe to tell them "no"?

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Accepted Answer

Our abuse team would take action if there were abuse reported. They would receive a notification. Our public docs specify the process. Note that we throttle SMTP traffic (port 25) to prevent open mail relay on EC2: The customer can follow that guide to remove the throttling.

answered 4 years ago

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