How does the chime meeting get stopped automatically ?


We are building the video meeting embedding in our webapp. There is a explicit meeting end button for meeting owner to end the meeting. But there is a possibility that meeting owner might just close the browser tab. Does Chime have some way to end the meeting if there is no one in the meeting ?

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If no one is in the meeting, it will be automatically ended after five minutes. (And, remember, you are only billed for the minutes that attendees are connected.)


The meetings end when you run the DeleteMeeting API action. Also, meetings end automatically when:

  • The meeting time exceeds 24 hours.
  • The meeting is a replica meeting and the primary meeting is ending.
  • In a non-replica meeting, no attendees connect for five continuous minutes.
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answered 2 years ago
  • I thought this was the case, but all my meetings are running for the max time (24hrs) and not ending. I think this is because I'm using the chime -> transcribe hook, but it's really unclear in the documentation why auto-ending of a meeting wouldn't work when using the built in transcription service.

    What do you recommend for those cases?

    Edit: Here's a github issue where one of the devs mentions exactly this (and this really seems like it should be properly documented): " For media pipeline attendee, it is a muted empty audio stream but it is still counted as an attendee. So in your case you would need to listen to event where all attendee leaves then stop the media pipeline meeting manually."

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