Is there a way to add 3rd party MX/SPF records while using AWS's custom DNS?


ISSUE: Our domain name (Namecheap) is currently on custom DNS (AWS) and we are trying to use another email service provider which requires adding MX/SPF records. However, I can't control it with Namecheap because it's already on custom DNS (AWS)

Is there a way I can add the MX/SPF records while using AWS's custom DNS? Does AWS allow 3rd party provider's MX/SPF records to be added?

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Using Route 53 (the AWS DNS service) you can add custom records to the domain(s) that you are hosting. So yes, you can certainly add MX/SPF records to your DNS that point to other providers.

Visit the Route 53 console to get started.

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answered a year ago

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