Aurora Postgres cluster failed to upgrade from 13.4 to 13.4.2 at maintenance window



I am have an info in the console that upgrade is available. When I am clicking on - apply at next maintenance window. It does not work. After maintenance window time is over I still see that upgrade is available? Is it a global issue?

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Issue was with stepfunction, that disables RDS at nights.

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The issue might be that you have set your preferred maintenance window options correctly but maintenance takes place every after 7 days. I believe that it is not a global issue.

There are also two types of versioning namely minor and major version. A major engine version upgrade can introduce changes that are not compatible with existing applications. While a minor upgrade includes only changes that are backward-compatible with existing applications. A minor engine version is an update to a DB engine version within a major engine version and updates can be automatically applied by RDS.

When creating you database under additional configuration navigate to Maintenance make sure that auto minor version upgrade is enable by enabling auto minor version upgrade will automatically upgrade to new minor versions as they are released. The automatic upgrades occur during the maintenance window for the database. So you need to select the period you want pending modifications or maintenance applied to the database by Amazon RDS do specify a preferred maintenance window when you create the DB instance, by selecting “choose window” and set time and duration of your choice. Then create your database.

Please kindly refer to the following documents for more Information about operating system updates for RDS for PostgreSQL : and

Thank you.

answered 6 months ago

Hi. I raised this error with AWS team. I am waiting for a resolution.

answered 3 months ago

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