Charge on EC2 when All I have is 2 assets on S3


Why Am I being charged $74 on EC2 when all I have is 2 assets (1 image, 1 small JS) in my S3 and that's it. Can someone help? I am trying to contact Amazon but its been impossible and about to just close the account..

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EC2 instances have to exist somewhere, in some region, for you to be billed for them. Does somebody else have access to your account, and could they be provisioning EC2 instances without your knowledge? Consider securing your account with two-factor authentication

Check EC2 Global View to verify EC2 resources across all regions

Cost Explorer can break down your into each service

Alter the Date Range and Granularity at the top of the right-hand panel to drill down to just the time period in question.

If you feel you have been unfairly charged you can log a billing support call at

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