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/InvalidQueryException: Frozen nested collections are not yet supported/

InvalidQueryException: Frozen nested collections are not yet supported



looks like frozen nested collection are not supported on AWS keyspaces.
Is there any documentation about this issue anywhere?
I could not find it in the AWS keyspaces - Apache cassandra compatibility notes.

asked a year ago1 views
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Hey alextk, sorry to hear that you could not find the docs. We will continue to close gaps in supported apis/types. The following page list the current supported types.

Could you share your model for the table and your queries?

answered a year ago

What is the suggested alternative from AWS keyspaces instead of Frozen? If I am not wrong, avoiding Frozen leads to enormous tombstone which makes sense in my use case where the whole collection data set is updated at once and not single item in the list. Someone, can throw more light on this?

answered a year ago

hi @sagarm
Amazon Keyspaces does not have the same performance tradeoffs for working with collections. Customers can change individual items in a collection or replace the entire collection without creating tombstones and degrading performance. Customers can expect single digit millisecond operations on row access.

depending on the collection type you can create a high carnality key so the structure gets flattened.

Nested structure


to flattened structure


Alternatively, If you are replacing the entire collection on every update, then a blob will work in a similar way.

answered 9 months ago

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