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/Forward request to multiple destination/

Forward request to multiple destination


Hi all,

I have an infrastructure consisting of Cloudfront and an ALB as the source of this distribution. I need to direct requests not only to the ALB Target Group but also to redirect requests to an external URL. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Thank you

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You can use Lambda@edge to redirect the requests, Please look at the Official Docs from the AWS , I also seen the article with sample configuration with node.js , this link will help you, Kindly look into it.

Thank You

answered a month ago

I assume there are some URIs that you want to redirect, while others are served by the ALB? While this can be done with Lambda@Edge as described above, you can also do this with AWS WAF, which would reduce the complexity of your configuration. This blog post: describes various options for achieving this with WAF. Note that you would attach WAF to your CloudFront distribution rather than your ALB.

answered a month ago
  • Thanks for the reply. I already have a WAF attached to my CloudFront distribution. I believe that with the WAF this is not an applicable solution as the path I want to redirect to both destinations is the same, both the Target Group of the ALB and the URL must receive the same request.

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