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LightSail container service stuck in pending


Deployed a LightSail container service yesterday, I presume it failed because its been on step 1/7 for 19 hours and is still pending. I need to delete it, but the cli reports the following:

An error occurred (InvalidInputException) when calling the DeleteContainerService operation: The specified service "<REDACTED>" is in a transition state ("PENDING") and cannot be deleted.
  • Same problem here: 18 hours still pending. I created my first container service on US-East-1 yesterday while services were failing. Lucky me. Same exact error except it is on step 3 copying certificate. 18 hours stuck in pending state, can't delete, not sure where to find a log or force stop it. Can't create a new one until this one is out of the way. Considering changing the title closer to the root issue: container service stuck in pending -- blocker

asked 10 months ago116 views
1 Answer

Hello and thanks for using Amazon Lightsail!

If you are still having this problem you should definitely open up a billing support request via AWS customer service. They can help you get any assistance you need.

answered 9 months ago

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