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/Potential bug enabling you to override AWS usage quotas in AWS API Gateway./

Potential bug enabling you to override AWS usage quotas in AWS API Gateway.


I have found I can override the daily usage quotas on AWS Gateway by performing the following steps:-

1 - Create a key and assign to a usage plan with a daily quota assigned;

2 - Immediately go to the usage plan -> API Keys then click on Extension for the key you created;

3 - You should see the "remaining requests this day" filled in , then click save.

4 - Run some API calls through that exceed the quota.

In this scenario I find the quota is not being observed.

If I perform step 1 and then run some API calls through then edit and save the Extension settings then it works fine it seems to be only when I save the Extension dialog before running any API calls through.


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answered 24 days ago

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