How many EFS volumes can I truly create?


I would like to offer an EFS volume for each of my customers. How many am I able to create beyond the 1000 per account limit?

**It appears there was a similar question asked about how many can be created in a VPC, and in this use case the answer is 133: **

There was a suggestion made to create an access point per customer, but I fear that will reduce the amount of IOPS allocated to each customer as more customers are added to a volume. Not to mention the data not being fully isolated from other tenants. Since there is a hard limit on mount targets it seems like we can only use 133 EFS volumes per VPC if EFS is used in 3 availability zones.

What strategies are left in scaling the amount of EFS volumes available to an account?

  • Create multiple VPCs and each time 133 EFS volumes are created in that VPC spin up another? (Believe there is a limit on VPCs as well)
  • Create an organization account and create a new account each time we run out of VPCs and EFS mount targets?
  • Can iPv6 be used for the mount targets to remove the networking constraints?

Really want to understand if it is possible to scale to 1 million, 10 million, or even more EFS volumes.


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Hello, If you have an AWS Account Manager I would highly recommend reaching out to them. They can pull in an AWS Solutions Architect to help try and find the right solution for you as well. If you don't have support on your account, if you're building a mission critical workload at a scale like this, I would highly recommend looking into it.

But to immediately try and help you out. A multi-account strategy is something we typically suggest customers implement. This will help to provide isolation of environments, and overcome any service quota limits you may run into with just one single account.

Additionally multiple VPCs in an account sounds like your best option moving forward to be able to scale to the large number of EFS file systems you are looking to create.

You can read more on the multi-account strategy leveraging and doing so leveraging Control Tower here:

If you need to for some reason access resources across VPC for the EFS file systems, this may also be of interest:

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  • Thanks for helping out Rob. Currently don't have an account manager but will reach out to support to get in touch with an account manager.

    Sounds like multiple VPCs would get us going but we would need to implement a multi-account architecture. Now off to read all those links!

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