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Cost explorer boto3 cost and usage without specific tag


How could I apply filter for cost and usage report using boto3. I want to search for all entitites that do not have specific tag.

In cost explorer UI you could specify NoTag and choose the tag you want.

Should I just pass empty value for tag name?

                'Tags': {
                    'Key': 'some_tag',
                    'Values': '',
  • Not sure about your json method, but I have something similar when checking for Backups on ebs volumes.

    if tag['Key'] == 'Backup' and tag['Value'] == '' ##Key name exists but value is null. print('Backup Key found, but value is null.')

    But to answer your question, yes, I used two single quotes to get the null values.

  • I'm trying to figure out if you are trying to use the Cost Explorer api or if you are trying to query your cost and utilization report. Those are two different things.

1 Answer

You could apply a tag with an empty value. You will then have to enable the tag as a Cost Allocation Tag in order for the tag to show in your cost and usage report (CUR). Once added the tag will create a column in your CUR report named 'resource_tags_user_some_tag'. This will happen within 24 hours. You would then be able to view resources which do not have a value within this column.

I would also recommend creating the CUR/Athena integration to easily query your CUR data. Please note there is a small charge for this as it creates infrastructure to hydrate the Athena table.

answered 6 months ago

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