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How to apply Patch for windows workspace instance?


Customer is building their BYOL windows image for workspace instances. They asked about how to apply frequent OS patches on workspace instances. They can not build and install a new Image every time for a new patch. They need to push the instances to install new patches. What's the best practices to push a new patch to be installed on windows workspace instances? Can we use AWS services such as SSM?

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BYOL WorkSpaces running Windows 7/10 OS can receive updates in different ways. Typically, Microsoft SCCM or a 3rd party patch management tool like Manage Engine Desktop Control is used to deploy/push new patches to the WorkSpace just like how it would be done on a physical desktop.

If your customer does not have a patch/update management software such as SCCM or another 3rd party vendor tool, then the options are to have the WorkSpace configured by Group Policy to use Windows update and configure a policy that schedules the update check and sets an installation time. You can deploy a WSUS server to optimize the download and availability of the patches to a large number of WorkSpace and limit Internet traffic.

SSM is not fully supported on WorkSpaces and cannot be used to manage patch installation.

The customer should consider creating and and/or updating the image regularly (e.g. Quarterly or more) to ensure the image has the latest windows update/patches. This would reduce the amount of updates required for each new WorkSpace that is built from that image.

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answered 3 years ago

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