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What time zone should hours of operation assigned for use in India use? India has it's own time zone defined at GMT+5:30. This is not available in the list provided. While there is an entry for Asia/Calcutta, I'm unsure if this actually matches as Calcutta was known to have a separate time zone at one time.

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ou can safely use the Asia/Calcutta time zone for your Amazon Connect hours of operation in India. The Asia/Calcutta time zone in Amazon Connect corresponds to the current India Standard Time (IST), which is GMT+5:30.

The city of Calcutta, now known as Kolkata, does not have a separate time zone. The time zone for Kolkata is the same as IST, and Amazon Connect uses the older city name for historical reasons. Many systems, including IANA Time Zone Database, still use the "Asia/Calcutta" identifier for compatibility purposes.

So, you can confidently use the Asia/Calcutta time zone for your Amazon Connect instance to set up hours of operation in India.

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