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Adding OAI to CloudFront after the distribution is created


If you didn’t create an OAI when you created your distribution...

I try to follow the instructions in the documentation but I can't find the OAI in S3 origin. Is the documentation outdated? I am trying to add OAI after the distribution has been created.

2 Answers

If you didn’t create an OAI when you created your distribution, you basically have two options:

  • create a CloudFront OAI using the CloudFront console - step by step instructions
  • use the CloudFront API. First you would need to create the OAI then add the OAI to your distribution
answered 9 months ago

You can create OAI, and attach it to the origin in Update Origin Functionality.

Note: If you're using the s3 website endpoint as origin, OAI will not be available, you can use s3 rest API endpoint.

answered 4 months ago

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