how can i configure this failover scheme?


Hi everyone.

I use aws Elemental Conductor and i need to have 4 inputs. When the first fails, it switches to the second. If the second fails, let it switch to the third. If the third fails, let it switch to the fourth. And finally, if the fourth fails, it switches back to the first. If any input returns and has a higher priority than the active one, it switches to the one with the highest priority. For example, the active input is three, but one is ok, switched to one.

The change should be automatic

Failover scheme input 1-> input 2 ->input 3 ->input 4 ->input 1...

how can i configure this failover scheme?

Example scheme with 3 inputs


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Hi Gonzalo,

In your profile you should enable "Loop All Inputs" this will loop thru the inputs when there is a failure in one of them.

answered 10 months ago

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