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/What is the best AWS service for sending SMS via REST WEB API calls?/

What is the best AWS service for sending SMS via REST WEB API calls?


I would like to use an AWS service as it is possible to do with Twillio. I have an application that manages customers (so I have several thousand phone numbers). This application must be able to send WEB REST API calls to a service (AWS) to send SMS. I had thought of SNS, but that doesn't seem like the right service to me because the phone number won't be in AWS. I thought of Pinpoint. Is this the right service for you? Thank you

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It depends what you're trying to do. You're on the right track, Pinpoint and SNS are both options for mobile messaging.

Pinpoint: SNS (without subscribing the phone number to a topic):

Keep in mind there is a SNS "sandbox" mode for SMS to protect reputation and not spam: Once out of the sandbox mode, you can send SMS messages to any recipient and not just verified ones.

answered 2 days ago

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