Guardduty finding send to cross account's S3 bucket


My requirement is to transfer the Guardduty finding of Account A to the S3 Bucket of Account B I follow the guide but got an error

My steps are:

  1. Granting GuardDuty permission to a KMS key,create a key on Account A
  2. Granting GuardDuty permissions to a Account B bucket
  3. Exporting findings to a bucket with the Console ,The result is the above error Enter image description here
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2 Answers

I believe the gap is in the bucket policy of the S3 bucket in the other account. It needs GetBucketACL and ListBucket . Try adding that.

answered a year ago

I have set up the cross-account export option following the Exporting findings documentation in my account and I was able to set it up without any issues.

Setup: Account A: GuardDuty/KMS, Account B: S3 bucket

Please make sure that you have replaced region, account id, kmskeyid, and sourceDetectorId in the sample policies from the documentation. In my setup, I did not use optional prefix so my resource ARN for objects looks like this arn:aws:s3:::<bucketname>/*. Also, make sure that KMS key and S3 bucket are in the same region.

If the issue persists, please share your policies (sanitize account id and resource id).

answered 2 years ago

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