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AWS Connect Send Message Via API


Hey all, When users open an chat and does not do anything for a while (1 hour after last message) I want to send a message to them via API. Is there any way to participate a chat with a known Connect Id? I could not see any method in participation apis. If user does not reply in 15 min. I want to stop chat. I found api for this.

Can you help me how can I join an existing chat?

Thank you.

2 Answers

Does this help?

It talks about chat timeouts etc.

I assume you can pickup the chat in the connect agent app? So if the chat is still live, then that must mean you can do something from the flow. As mentioned above. It's not really via an api - but you can definitely configure an action to do something at a certain point.

answered 3 months ago

Hey, Thank you for your answer, but here I have to connect "Wait block" to another block. But in my case, user can stop responding at any moment. (Probably in Lex bot interaction) So I cannot use this feature:(

Anyway, thank you for your help :)

answered 3 months ago

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