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I want to delete my Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) topic subscription. My email address that used to subscript this is invalid. I went to AWS official page to find the solution. It syas " If subscriptions are in the Deleted or Pending Confirmation status when you delete their topic, then you can't manually remove the subscriptions from your account. You must wait three days for Amazon SNS to automatically remove the subscriptions from your account." When I went to my AWS subscription, today is fourth day, the subscription is still there and I can't delete it. The topic has been deleted but the pending subscription can't be delete. What should I do?

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I d suggest, if you haven’t, to go through this page:

Could also be that some IAM policies are affecting, but the guide is exhaustive and should help you.

If it doesn’t, then I d suggest to reach out to AWS support:

Hope it helps ;)

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