What's the fastest way to move a 2TB Oracle Database to EC2?


Customer has a 2TB Oracle Database that they need to lift and shift to AWS.

This 2TB Database is only one schema and size of the backup.

What would be fastest way with minimum downtime?


  • Customer has Site-to-Site VPN
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You can follow the strategies listed out in this document


This document has a table that lists different utilities/methods that can be employed while doing a migration. Your choices can be different if you are moving to a EC2 based instance vs RDS Oracle. Depending on whether they have license for Data Guard or Active guard and/or Goldengate, how much downtime a customer can afford, network bandwidth, it becomes more of an art by selecting and recommending the right options. Generally speaking, Oracle native tooling is preferred over DMS if you are doing a homogeneous migration (Oracle to Oracle).

answered 2 years ago

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