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Sagemaker studio doesn't load and returns internal failure


Trying to open sagemaker studio and keep getting the following error message:

The JupyterServer app default encountered a problem and was stopped. If you continue to experience issues, please contact Customer Service. Details: InternalFailure

Have restarted the app for couple of times and always the error message is the same with no progress. Any help would be appreciated.

  • If you have sufficient permissions, you can also look at Cloudwatch logs to identify the error. You can look for /aws/sagemaker/studio log group and filter by your user profile name and the default app log stream.

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Thank you for using Amazon SageMaker Studio.

Usually this kind of error is occurred due to internal issues when trying to launch the Studio where the Sagemaker Service is trying to create default JupyterServer App on your behalf. To identify the root cause of this issue, we will need to get the details about the SageMaker Studio domain id or arn along with the user profile name on which the error was encountered. For further investigation on this issue, I'd recommend you to open a case with SageMaker Premium Support team so that you can share above mentioned details securely.

Open a support case with AWS using the link:

answered 6 months ago

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