Transfer EC2 and Savings Plan from one AWS Account to another


Since I am new with AWS, I just come across Organizations in AWS, and just created new OUs and AWS Accounts.

Initially, I have an EC2 and a Savings plan under one account since I don't know Organizations then. Now that my main account is the Management Account, I want the EC2 instance and the Savings plan to be transferred to the new AWS Account under a specific OU. This is so that I can easily manage and determine the costs per OU.

Is this possible?

And if not, will this work:

  • Savings Plan will stay in the Management Account (I can't recreate this one since the plan is already for 3 years);
  • EC2 will be deleted on the Management Account;
  • Recreate a new EC2 on the new AWS Account;
  • with Consolidated Billing, the Savings Plan in the Management Account will take account for the EC2 on the new AWS Account

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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You can indeed delete the ec2 from the management account and recreate it in your new account. You can also turning on shared reserved instances and Savings Plans discounts:


answered 3 years ago

In order to simplify the migration of your EC2 instance, you can make a snapshot and share it with the new account.

Savings Plans can be purchased in any account within an AWS Organization/Consolidated Billing family. By default, the benefit provided by Savings Plans is applicable to usage across all accounts within an AWS Organization/consolidated billing family.

answered 3 years ago

From the target account, find the AMI using the EC2 console or the AWS CLI. Launch a new instance from the shared AMI on the target account. To import a key pair from a previous account, see Import your own public key to Amazon EC2.

answered 3 years ago

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