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AWS SSO Switch Account Shortcut


Our AWS users have been using IAM access to our management account along with assuming the "OrganizationAccountAccessRole" to gain access to other accounts in our Organization. AWS appears to store the last 5 roles that are assumed via IAM in the top-right dropdown for ease in switching between accounts.

We're currently testing AWS SSO accounts as an alternative to IAM accounts and like the ability to select the account to log into from the My Apps page (<organization_name> However, I haven't found a way in AWS to either quickly go back to the My Apps page or to switch accounts without typing in the URL again. You can see the URL on AWS SSO > Dashboard, but only at the management account level. It would be great if there were either a handy link in the top-right dropdown to go back to My Apps and/or a list of accounts that you've recently accessed in the dropdown.

Since our engineers frequently switch between accounts they have access to, this would be a major convenience. Do any shortcuts like this exist? Or, if not, could we put in a feature request for them?

Thank you!

1 Answers

When you select an account from the SSO User portal, it should open the account console in a new tab in your browser by default, so you should be able to just go back to that tab to select another account. This is how I generally see customers use the SSO portal to switch accounts. I would definitely be curious to know more about how this could be made easier for your engineers.

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answered a month ago

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