Support for RedHat Enterprise Linux RHEL 6 after November 30, 2020


A customer is on Enterprise Support who wants to know what the support situation is for their RHEL 6 EC2 instances after Nov 2020. I see that RedHat has the following posted on their site.

End of Maintenance Support or Maintenance Support 2 (Product retirement) for RHEL 6 is November 30, 2020

"ELS will be available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 starting with its retirement (November 30, 2020) until June 30, 2024"

Is Extended Life Cycle Support something the customer will need to purchase separately, or does AWS provide ongoing support as part of Enterprise Support?

I'm not certain, but I think they have RHEL images by AWS from the marketplace.


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ELS is a separate support channel and our on-demand images are standard server entitlements only, without the ability to use additional paid support channels, like ELS. Customers who intend to continue using RHEL 6 after the product retirement with full product support from Red Hat must migrate to RHEL 6 using the Red Hat Cloud Access program in order to support the add-on for ELS.

If the customer just wants to run RHEL 6, without the full add-on support, the standard server entitlement for the on-demand images is sufficient entitlement to run RHEL 6 without the add-on for ELS. Without ELS, there will be no access to the Red Hat Update Infrastructure RHEL 6 repositories, so customers who choose to do continue to use the images will need to sync the repositories prior to retirement to continue to have access to the binaries.

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