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EventBridge History


Is there a place to check the EventBridge history/log for the rule? DeadLetterQueue isn't ideal as it is only a failure. I would to see all the processing. Is it even possible?

Thanks for the help

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Was able to Figure it out. In short, Look the command execution of the Automation (System Manager) (In my case). I believe there is no one place to see the flow history of EventBridge (Maybe a feature request for future). Because now you would need to depend/go to the respective services to look for the execution history.

answered a month ago

You can add a CloudWatch Logs target for the rules you are interested in. This will send all matching events to the log group.

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answered a month ago
  • Thanks, Uri, It helps me to log the event. It answered my previous question on TAG (I'll mark it as answered). The event didn't have the TAG. So, the reason for not triggering. In this case, I'm looking to log the EventBridge activities. For example, if the target is Automation, Maybe didn't it trigger Due to permission or the improper parameter? Is there a way to see the flow?

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