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Im new to AWS and willing to explore few features in AWS. Would like to explore "Amazon simple Email service". As part of exploration I dont have any DNS available to confifure. I need to do from scratch with a use case to get notification when my EC2 instance is down. How can we achieve this through email service ?


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Create an SNS topic that will be used to send the notifications. You can do this through the SNS console.

Configure your EC2 instance to send state change notifications to the SNS topic. This can be done through EventBridge by creating a rule with a custom event pattern that matches state changes of your EC2 instance resource. The rule should target the SNS topic created in step 1.

Subscribe your email address to the SNS topic. You will receive email notifications for any state changes like if the instance is terminated.

Optionally configure the SNS subscription to only receive notifications for specific state changes like when the instance status is "terminated".

Monitor the subscribed email for notifications whenever the EC2 instance changes states like when it is terminated.

This allows you to set up email notifications without having to configure your own SMTP server by leveraging Amazon SES and SNS. Refer to the AWS documentation for more details on configuring the different services.

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