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I've seen articles about getting a notification for the StatusCheckFailed metric, but when creating an alarm it appears I HAVE TO specify an instance ID. But we are creating and destroying instances automatically and I want a notification when ANY status check fails. Is there a way to set that up?

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You've not stated how you are creating these instances but if it's with auto scaling the health check will automatically terminate them and launch a new one.


  • There may be an Event Bridge rule you can create to pick this up and have an action off the back of it.
  • You could have an alarm created at instance launch and delete on terminate.
  • Write a Lambda to run on a scheduled event to check status.
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Hi - Not very sure on the use case but if you use auto scaling then one of the check is status checks. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling uses the results of the Amazon EC2 instance status checks and system status checks to determine the health status of an instance. If the instance is in any Amazon EC2 state other than running, or if its status for the status checks becomes impaired, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling considers the instance to be unhealthy and replaces it.

Reference :

For other use cases, you can create alarms at instance launch and delete on terminate as needed.

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