Not all models displayed in SageMaker Jumpstart


Hello, I'm new to Sagemaker and have created a domain in the Europe region. I'd like to work with Mistral from Jump Start, but it doesn't appear in the Hugging Face hub. I have 216 models available, whereas I've seen YouTube videos where over 1000 models were available. Does anyone know how I can access these models? Is it related to the domain region?

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Thanks for your help.

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Same problem here. What was the solution?

answered 6 days ago
  • I believe my problem is related to the region. I'm using us-west-1. Any idea where to find out where are models available?



Can you list the modely via CLI to see if you get full list or not. See for CLI command:

Don't forget to handle --max-items option properly to obtain the full list



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answered a month ago

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