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No Audio on Output job for HLS - DASH



I'm having issues with a couple of videos processed with the VOD solution ( of AWS using MediaConvert, there is no AUDIO for the HLS and DASH outputs but there is audio for the mp4 output.

This happened in a couple of videos of several videos we converted. I try to reprocess the videos, but the result is the same, no audio.

There are no erros in the output, is there a way to know what is happening?

Kind Regards.

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To answer your question "There are no errors in the output, is there a way to know what is happening?"

-->Yes. MediaConvert will log errors and warnings to AWS CloudWatch. You can see those logs from the AWS Console (Console/services/CloudWatch, search log groups for MediaConvert) , or via the aws cli using a command of the form: 'aws logs filter-log-events --log-group-name "/aws/events/ElementalMediaConvert" ' (change log group to match yours as needed)

There are several reasons audio might not be present in the HLS and DASH outputs (audio on a non-standard PID, for example). By default, MediaConvert decodes the embedded audio of the first video track for each input file, and uses that as the first audio source. If your source file had multiple audio tracks, or perhaps mono audio on just a single track, it may be excluded by the generic MediaConvert job settings used in the VOD solution you linked. A more customized MediaConvert job would likely produce the output you want. MediaConvert supports both a/v muxed segments and separate audio renditions within HLS and DASH output groups, but the job configuration file needs to specify which outputs should be made.

You should be able to find the previous MediaConvert jobs which did not provide audio listed in your AWS Console. Opening one of those jobs may show you an error, and would also allow you to duplicate the older job into a new one which you could then customize.

I hope this helps you out!

answered 10 months ago

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