Macie job not able to find mobile no. in s3 bucket


I created a Macie Job for identifying mobile numbers(+91 based) and used all the AWS managed identifiers in the job, yet the job was not able to find/highlight the mobile numbers in the data. Any reason for the same?

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The Macie job will identify sensitive data depending on the identifier that has been used here. For eg: Lets assume that the mobile numbers are of a particular geographic location (India) , then you will have to validate whether the managed identifiers used are for Indian phone numbers are not. If there are no such identifiers in the search list of Managed Identifiers then you will have to create a custom managed identifier instead of using managed ones. You can use regex pattern to match the pattern the +91 based mobile numbers, then the job will be able to precisely create findings . For eg. Create a custom identifier for +91 mobile number ^((+91)?|91)?[789][0-9]{9}, and attach this custom data identifier instead of AWS managed identifier and run the job.

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