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Lightsail website not working


Public IP:


My website went down since yesterday morning. I noticed that the CPU utilization rate went up to 100%(I didn't do anything.) Enter image description here I looked at some answers and check the status of the server which gives me this. I am not sure what is going on. Hope somebody could help me with this.

One of my friends told me all my files on my instance were gone. But if that's the problem, the server should at least give some responses when I ping it right?

Could I be hacked and the hacker deleted all my files? Is that possible?

asked a month ago20 views
1 Answers

It sounds like the BBS software you're using went over your burst capacity. If the utilization graphs indicate that you're frequently going over burst capacity, you might solve the issue by using a larger instance size (take a snapshot of your instance and create a new larger instance from the snapshot).

Otherwise, you can look into what's causing your software to use so much CPU to see if you can keep it within your allotted capacity.

answered a month ago

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