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We have recently purchased a Savings Plan within an AWS Organization (A) and are looking to move several AWS accounts to another Organization.(B) The Savings Plan is assigned to the root of Organization (A) and we would like to transfer the Savings Plan along with several member accounts to Organization (B). The SP is only a few months into the one year commitment, so we do not want to cancel. Does you know if it's possible to transfer the SP to Organization B along when the accounts are migrated?

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There are a few options here if you do not wish to cancel the Savings Plan. It is recommended that Savings Plans are held in the management account to allow member accounts to be able to fully utilize the plans. Savings Plans can not be transferred between Organizations directly. AWS Support can transfer Savings Plans from the management account to a member account or from a member account to the management account within a single Organization with an AWS Support Case.

If Organization (A) is going to be fully moved under Organization (B), open an AWS Support Case once the management account for Organization (A) is a member account of Organization (B) and request the Savings Plans to be transferred.

If only certain member accounts from Organization (A) will be moved to Organization (B), open a AWS Support Case to transfer the Savings Plans to a member account in Organization (A) and migrate that account to Organization (B). Then open another AWS Support Case to transfer the Savings Plan to the Organization (B) management account.

I hope this answers you question for how to migrate a Savings Plan between two Organizations.

answered 5 months ago
  • @AWS-User-melfij - Can you confirm where you obtained this information? We have raised the question with our AWS Technical Account Manager. He explained that is not the case. We would need to CANCEL the Savings Plan and repurchase. Thanks

  • @rePost-User-0529671 - It appears your AWS Technical Account Manager is referring to a process used normally for cancelling and exchanging Savings Plans or Reserved Instances at the same or higher amount. This would not work in your case in any way as it does not transfer the Savings Plan or Reserved Instances from the current AWS account.

    As your and your team desire to keep the current Savings Plans and are using AWS Organizations, it is possible to use AWS Support to transfer the Savings Plans between accounts that are within the SAME ORGANIZATION. For any Savings Plan to be transferred, the accounts MUST be in the same organization. You can see this accepted Re:Post answer which provides additional clarification on the transfer of a Savings Plan from one account to another:

    Please be aware that this process takes time and changing where Savings Plans are in use will alter how your bill will be charged. If you have additional questions, you can always reach out directly to an AWS concierge specialist through AWS Support to through your TAM for engagement.

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