How can we get Rekognition Dual-Stack Endpoints to resolve in DNS?


The AWS Rekognition endpoints do not resolve when DualStack is enabled. The AWS .NET SDK's endpoints.json looks like this:

            "dnsSuffix": "",
            "hostname": "{service}.{region}.{dnsSuffix}",
            "tags": [

For example, does not resolve:

neither does or

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Can we use the "useDualstackEndpoint" described in the following document to solve this problem?

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answered a year ago
  • Setting "UseDualStackEndpoint" to true is what causes the AWS SDK to try to use the address "". Since that address does not resolve to anything in DNS, the client cannot reach Rekognition. Setting it to false for the Rekognition service (only) is our current work-around for this problem. Either the "endpoints.json" in the AWS SDK is wrong or the corresponding DNS records need to be added.


UseDualStackEndpoint=true is broken for Amazon SES too. The resulting DNS names do not resolve (at least not outside AWS' network). E.g., "" or "". Several DNS servers have been tried. Here's Google saying it doesn't resolve:

The answer seem to be that AWS doesn't actually work with IPv6 ("UseDualStackEndpoint=true").

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