Tape auto-create feature isn't creating tapes.



I've been trying to automate our off-site backup using Veeam+AWS Storage Gateway appliance. In my aws console within the storage gateway service, I have the Tape auto-create feature configured on my gateway, yet it never creates new tapes. My tape job in Veeam stalled over the weekend because it ran out of tapes. I had to log in to the console and create new tapes before Veeam could import them and resume the backup job. I must be missing something, please advise.

screenshot of auto create settings:

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Thanks for reaching out, it looks like it should be working

We're aware of a few cases that can cause the auto-creator to get stuck. Temporarily, a reboot should fix it, https://docs.aws.amazon.com/storagegateway/latest/userguide/MaintenanceShutDown-common.html but we expect this to be fully solved in the next release

Feel free to PM me with your gatewayId + region and we'll be happy to take a closer look


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Thanks for the response!

I've gone ahead and shut down the gateway using the method detailed in the link you provided. I then rebooted the appliance vm, then went back to my aws console and restarted the gateway. It is running, but did not create new tapes. I opened the auto tape create configuration and deleted my old entry, and made a new entry for 6 800gb Glacier tapes. Still no tapes created.

I'll PM you my gateway details.

Thanks for your assistance!

answered 4 years ago

I waited for a few minutes, but did not wait long enough apparently, as I now can see the auto created tapes.

Thankyou for your assistance and disregard my PM. Have an awesome day!

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