Workspace loses connection to WorkDocs when I log out


Hi there,

Here is my setup:

  • Workspace (Windows Server 2016) running mode set to Always On
  • Keep me logged in check box selected
  • WorkDocs Drive installed in the Workspace, set to automatically log in
  • When I log into the Workspace, Workdocs drive mounts correctly on W: as expected

The problem:

  • When I log out of the Workspace or if I close the Workspace window, the Workdocs drive on W: unmounts itself
  • I know because I have file backup software that backs up files to an external host. The software fails with a "path not found" error when it runs while I'm not logged in. But it runs successfully when I am logged in. No other changes.
  • I'm not looking to be convinced to back up to S3, I have y reasons for backing up using a 3rd party back up tool
  • I just want to answer the question "how can I keep the workdocs drive mounted to my windows 2016 Workspace, even when I'm no logged into the Workspace"


1 Answer

That is not the default behavior, I recommend opening a support case so they can analyze the logs to determine why this is happening.

answered 17 days ago

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