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AWS SNS delivery to multi region


I have a SNS topic in AWS east which is used by consumer to publish messages. I want to give a resiliency or fail-over solution in another region. When SNS in aws east is down then consumer should rerouted automatically to aws west . Consumer side changes is not possible for failover .I am looking for solution like Route 53 to do a routing . Is this possible to have Route 53 to deliver to SNS? The usecase is very latency specific so the solution should not add more latency .

  • By "consumer" do you mean "subscriber"? By "When SNS in aws east is down then consumer should rerouted automatically to aws west" do you mean you have other means to switch publishing to the new region, and am only worried how your subscribers will receive notification in the new region?

  • @setheliot , thanks for reply . In my project , consumer means the system/process who produce the SNS events ( I.e. SNS producers ) . Yes I want my SNS producers to failover to us-west when we have any issue in us-East ( region failover ) without any change in URL.

    SNS subscription side … let’s say I have SQS subscribers on our side . I have all SNS topic and SQS queue configured in both regions but it’s like cold standby mode .

    Can I use Route 53 —> VPC interface end point for SNS ( in each region ) where I can adjust/control routing policies ?

    During failover I can manually update rioting or can automate that via cloud watch + Lambda ( as there are many ways to automate this routing )

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answered 6 months ago

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