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Hi, Under the sccaling option in my gamelift fleet, The maximum servers I can use is shown as 1 for frankfurt region. How can I resolve the issue and enable scaling so that the sessions can be as high as even 1000 instances. We are a start up team thast's builidng a battle royale game and anticipate some 10000 gamers playing the game once its launched as we have a really big community as of now. So scaling is really important and would like to know how to add more server instancesEnter image description here .

  • You should complete the Amazon GameLift questionnaire which you can find under "/gamelift/prepare-to-launch" and send it to the Amazon GameLift launch team to verify your setup and API quotas

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Hi, here is some information from de Gamelift Service:

Preparing for an upcoming game launch? Fill out one of the following launch questionnaires and email it to gamelift-game-launches@amazon.com. Submitting a launch questionnaire helps to ensure a smooth launch through verification of your GameLift setup and API limits. Our recommendation is to submit a completed questionnaire 3 months before your expected launch date, or as early as possible.

Managed GameLift launch questionnaire

GameLift FleetIQ launch questionnaire

Finally, visit the Service Limits page to view your instance service limits or to request a limit increase. Keep in mind the links I just added here are for US-east-1 you should change to the frankfurt region

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