Cannot invite an account from an organisation


A senior in my laboratory created an organisation and he tried to invite me but it failed with the following error msg:

my_email_address: HandshakeConstraintViolationException
You have exceeded the allowed number of AWS accounts.

However, our organisation only have a couple of people, so we cannot figure out what the problem is.

Note that our organisation ID is o-dfl854wy5k.

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1 Answer

The default limit for the number of accounts in an organization is 10 but a limit increase can be requested. Note that deleted and closed accounts still count toward your limit. See

Number of AWS accounts in an organization
	10 — The default maximum number of accounts allowed in an organization. If you need more, you can request an increase by contacting AWS Support.

An invitation sent to an account counts against this quota. The count is returned if the invited account declines, the management account cancels the invitation, or the invitation expires.

Is this a brand new organization? If so, you might need to wait about an hour before inviting another account.


ACCOUNT_NUMBER_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: You attempted to exceed the limit on the number of accounts in an organization. Note that deleted and closed accounts still count toward your limit.

If you get this exception immediately after creating the organization, wait one hour and try again. If after an hour it continues to fail with this error, contact Amazon Web Services Support.
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answered 5 months ago

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