How to run more than 1000 containers in parallel in AWS ECS Fargate


I need to run more than 1000 containers / tasks in AWS Fargate. As of now I have one cluster and one service. I read that this limit is for single service so I created another service hoping it would use more 1000 containers. Shall I add another cluster with ALB? or Maintain a queue ? Thanks in advance.

I am also happy if there is queue that can take one by one task with maximum of 1000 containers concurrently and then scale down to 0 where there are no tasks.

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Yes, it's possible to run more than 1,000 tasks in a service, as the maximum number of tasks per service that can run in a region is 5,000. However, the Amazon ECS service scheduler on Fargate can provision a maximum of 500 tasks per service per minute.

You can also read about Scale to 15,000+ tasks in a single Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) cluster

To learn more about ECS service quotas:

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