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I have the need to use "text in image" from Amazon Rekognition to process more than 300k images per month. Does Amazon Rekognition provide a way to process images in batch, doing only 1 request to analyze multiple images at once? And the main question: does a batch process is cheaper than a single process? For example, I have 10 images to extract the text using Amazon Rekognition. The cost for 10 requests to Rekognition (one for each image) is the same as the cost for 1 batch request sending 10 images at once?

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So whether you batch or process individually its based on the number of images.

If you take a look at the billing page where it details which API calls are counted as an image and under which scenarios 2 images count as a single request:

For the speed and accuracy I don't think the costs is too high.

answered a year ago

You could try making a video from an image batch first using ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -r 1 -i img%01d.png -vcodec mpeg4 -y movie.mp4

Then you could process the video using Rekognition, the pricing is $0.10 per minute of video.

To be cheaper than per image processing you would have to put more than 125 images per minute though.

answered a year ago

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