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/Aurora Postgres - Logical Replication with different databases in same instance/

Aurora Postgres - Logical Replication with different databases in same instance


We are trying to setup logical replication with aurora postgres using different databases on same instance but the instance just hangs. Is this currently supported or is there anything special we need to do for it to work? Thanks!

1 Answers

It is possible that you have hit this -

When creating a replication slot (the default behavior), CREATE SUBSCRIPTION cannot be executed inside a transaction block.

Creating a subscription that connects to the same database cluster (for example, to replicate between databases in the same cluster or to replicate within the same database) will only succeed if the replication slot is not created as part of the same command. Otherwise, the CREATE SUBSCRIPTION call will hang. To make this work, create the replication slot separately (using the function pg_create_logical_replication_slot with the plugin name pgoutput) and create the subscription using the parameter create_slot = false. This is an implementation restriction that might be lifted in a future release.


answered 3 months ago

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